What is Meditation?


Simple, elegant and profoundly effective, this “Being” technique is an easy to learn mental process, it is effortless to practice and yet powerful in its ability to bring the body into states of deep rest.

Allowing the mind to naturally settle down into deeper states shifts the nervous system out of stress mode "fight or flight" into a "rested alertness" which is our natural state.

When we give ourselves the chance to return to our natural state through a daily “eyes closed” practice we expand our conscious awareness to the this state of “Being” that is always available to us but is overshadowed when stress and fatigue accumulate in the nervous system.


How is this “Being” technique it taught?

The 1 Giant Mind Being Technique is taught in person over 3 consecutive sessions each lasting approximately 90 minutes.

In each session you will be taught how to practice and over the course further refine your understanding of the technique, the mechanics of stress and the nature of the mind. 

In between sessions you will have a chance to practice at home, in the following session we will review your home practice and answer all questions that arise.  

By the last session you will be fully self sufficient and ready to make meditation a part of your daily life.