What is a Being technique?


Without investigation one could easily assume meditation is as simple as “sit down, shut up” but there are many varieties of Meditation all with different techniques and a broad spectrum of desired outcomes. The most popular Meditation in the mainstream currently is “Mindfulness”. Generally speaking Mindfulness uses some kind of effort to bring your attention back to a particular task such as focus on the breath or heart beat, which is a powerful way to bring your awareness to the present moment.

A Being Technique uses no effort or control of awareness, yet becoming more mindful and attuned to the present moment are some of the many positive outcomes of this technique.

The nature of the mind is to seek the field of greater happiness, which it finds within its self when a Being Technique is practiced correctly.

A Being Technique effortlessly leads the awareness beyond thought into a deeply relaxed and quiet state.

This creates the conditions for profound rest which produces changes in brain chemistry and allows us to recover from the kind of deep stress that can’t be resolved in our sleep.

Establishing your awareness in “Being” creates a foundation of self awareness that is unshakable because you are having a daily experience of what you are at the deepest possible level.

As a result the sense of inner fulfilment and contentment increases as the mind becomes increasingly familiar with the inner field of greater happiness. The effect of this means we are not constantly looking for things outside of ourself to be happy so we can just be present, enjoying and accepting life as it comes responding with creativity instead of reacting impulsively.