Why Practice?

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improved sleep quality

  • Be more self-aware and present

  • Have greater focus and clarity

  • Experience greater happiness and well being

  • Increase your energy and vitality

The benefits of meditation can be felt immediately after learning and also become greater over time.

It's not until we cultivate a regular habit of removing ourselves from the onslaught of sensory stimulation and constant absorption of information that we are able to truely see the effect it has on the body and mind.

Meditation reduces stress responses in the body and brain which allows the natural healing intelligence of the body to start to release fatigue and repair from stress built up in the system over time. 

This restores balance in the body which allows the immune system to function more effectively.

In a state of balance the nervous system operates in higher functionality allowing for a more connected, creative and happy experience of life.

Meditation increases emotional stability and intelligence leading to a stronger sense of connection, empathy and compassion. Regular meditation can give rise to clarity about what is important in life and a sense of confidence and capability to give preference to these things. Life takes on greater meaning and we feel a deeper sense of connection and meaning to what we are doing and why we are doing it.

There are many more benefits like resilience to stress,  ability to adapt to challenges, see the opportunity to grow in relationships and to have a positive attitude towards changes that life demands.

But the best way to find out about these benefits is to have the direct experience yourself.