Learn to Meditate



This course is for people of all levels of experience looking to learn a meditation practice.

Designed for people living in the real world with busy lives and busy minds.

Not only will you be taught how to practice a simply elegant and powerful technique but also how to make it a normal part of daily life and receive ongoing support as you progress. 

This is a meditation specifically designed for people with high demand lives that need a practice that is adapted to fit into the real world.


Not all Meditation techniques are the same and with an abundance of books and apps available on meditation its easy to be overwhelmed or confused about what it is that you're supposed to be doing.

Usually this confusion leads people to try a few times and quit because they feel like they “don’t get it”.

That is why having an experienced teacher that can take you deep into a specific technique and provide support along your meditation journey is so valuable.

What is the duration of the course and my investment?

This course is taught in person over three (3) consecutive days in 90 minute sessions,

The course investment is $299pp. 

Private courses and Corporate courses are available upon request. (contact for details)