Learn to Meditate


The 1 Giant Mind Being Technique

In this course you’ll learn the “1 Giant Mind Being Technique” a simple, elegant and powerful daily practice.

In the first session you’ll learn how to Meditate and over the 3 days you’ll have the opportunity to practice at home then come back with questions. This is the most effective way to learn and create a daily habit.

We refine the technique with theoretical knowledge that combines with practical experience to ensure you know the how, what and why! Making you equiped to be self sufficient in meditation.

This is a meditation is specifically designed for people with busy minds and high demand jobs that need a practice to remove stress while also increasing capability to perform in the world.

What is the duration of the course and my investment?

This course is taught in person over three (3) consecutive days in 90 minute sessions,

The course investment is $300pp. 

Private courses and Corporate courses are available upon request. (contact for details)