Working in construction for 15 years I’m no stranger to stress and fatigue, mental and physical.

Meditation came into my life at just the right time, I was over working, stressed, fatigued and finding balance in all the wrong ways.

Following a curiosity to understand myself and purpose in the world I began a practice that allowed me to find connection to a deeper state of quiet or “being” that wasn’t dependant on the external circumstances of life. It also gave me awareness to see life from a fresh perspective which led me to find balance in ways that were more sustainable and life supporting.

The way in which my life has opened up is beyond anything I thought possible when i began and I am constantly finding myself in awe of how this simple daily practice brings so much benefit to everyone that does it.

I started the Spiritual Tradie podcast in 2017 documenting the way meditation and yogic practices have helped real people through times of change, I love writing music and even recently started attempting stand up comedy.

I have spent the past 5 years going deep into the practice and knowledge of Meditation. I feel that in this time of Information overload and distraction the need to make this ancient wisdom accessible and relevant to modern life has never been stronger.