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Less Stress More Success

Gold Package

Bring out the best in your workplace.

It’s hard to be effective at any task when we feel tired and stressed.

Which ironically leads to working longer with lower productivity.

This technique should be thought as a targeted strategy

to combat the impact of stress, fatigue and overwhelm of the modern age.

When we apply this strategy we find that effectiveness and productivity increases

as well as focus- knowing what to prioritise

and creativity- finding new solutions to problems.

It’s only natural that when we feel well we do well.

Session 1: Learning the Technique:

In the first session you’ll experience this powerful “Being” technique.

We’ll go through the how, when and where to practice to optimise our experience.

Session 2: Mechanics of stress

In session 2 we further your understanding of the technique

and examine the process of how it works to resolve stress and fatigue.

As well as how to establish a daily practice.

Session 3: The Functions of the Mind

In session 3 we ensure that you have a complete understanding of how to practice the technique

go deep into understanding the functions of the mind and how this practice aligns and enlivens them.

Ongoing support:

As part of the training I work with the organisation to ensure ongoing support.

If you would like to book an Introduction to Meditation or the Gold pakage for your workplace or organisation

please enquire about custom corporate packages.